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At RTL we offer a range of specialist transport and logistical services which come accompanied by experienced operators to help you accomplish your goals. They include:

Two 4 x 4 trucks with tip decks 

Makes it possible to access hard to reach areas for rock fill or gravelling.  The 4x4 trucks can go where big trucks struggle, especially when wet. 


Whatever you require, we can cart it.  One unit has removable sides for easy loading of hay, baleage, posts, etc.

4x4 Truck Mounted

Vacuum Tanker

Lighter and nimbler than a tractor-drawn effluent tanker. Available for hire along with an effluent pond agitator. We can suck out sumps and effluent ponds to apply to your pasture, and provide you with GPS proof of placement. 

Muck Spreader

Muck spreader for spreading anything from cattle pad material to chicken manure onto paddocks.

Auger Hire

Two grain augers are available for hire. 

They both have a 50-foot reach and are available at our Central Otago and Heriot depots.

Watch SOPs video here.

Effluent Pond Stirrer

Our effluent pond stirrer is available, and in conjunction with our vacuum tanker if required.

The pond stirrer can be used to clean out effluent ponds for spreading across grass paddocks to provide natural fertilisation. 

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